The Holiness of the State of Israel

[Sefer Al Diglo #33]

Question: I have seen various times that the State of Israel is referred to as a holy entity. It is not clear to me, however, why it is not enough to say that the State is the beginning of the Redemption (Atchalta De-Geulah). Why do we also have to call it holy, something which does not seem correct in reality?
Answer: The State of Israel is a holy entity, because it is a mitzvah, as the Ramban explains that it is incumbent upon us to possess the Land, and not abandon it into the hands of other nations (positive mitzvah #4, addendum to Sefer Ha-Mitzvot of the Rambam), i.e. that we are required to establish a state and a mitzvah is holy, as evidenced in the formula of the blessing, "Who sanctifies us with His commandments." Even though there are problematic aspects in the State, which need to be corrected with all our might, this does not diminish the holiness of the State, which in its essence is the dominion of the Nation of Israel over its Land. For example, the mitzvah of tzitzit remains holy, even if the man who is wearing it is discussing frivolous matters.