Our Rabbi & Humility - Part 3

Young students were once sitting around our Rabbi's table and they were discussing ideas that he had been presented. When one student mentioned a particular idea, our Rabbi started beaming and said: "Did you hear what he said," and he repeated the idea as if he was not the one who came up with the idea but the student. (Gadol Shimusha of Ha-Rav Avraham Remer, p. 87 #36)

Our Rabbi did not have personal demands. He was modest in every realm of life. He did not leave his four amot (cubits) and hardly ever left Jerusalem. He made do very little. He greeted important and famous people at his humble home. They sat at his old table and on old benches and chairs.

When our Rabbi was called up to recite a blessing under the Chupah as: "Ha-Rav Ha-Gaon (lit. The genius, meaning a great Torah scholar) Tzvi Yehudah," he said: "The Vilna Gaon is called a 'Gaon.'"

Our Rabbi related: "I was once walking in the street here, nearby, to go to daven. On the way, I met the Gerrer Rebbe ['Beit Yisrael']. He was walking as per the doctor's orders. He was accompanied by attendants and gaba'im. When we met, obviously in friendship, he asked those around him to clear away, and he asked me, why I am walking alone in the street. I responded: 'There are those who require attendants and gaba'im, but I do not.' He said to me: 'But you had a father who was so great!'"
(From "Ha-Torah Ha-Goelet" of Ha-Rav Chaim Schwartz, vol. 4, p. 206).

When people suggested that our Rabbi travel in a taxi, he would refuse and would ride on the bus or walk, even if it took considerable time.

Our Rabbi did not agree to travel from his house to the yeshiva, when it was housed in the old building on Rav Kook Street, even though it was a lengthy walk of fifty minutes. He said: "'The Torah spares the money of Israel' (Chulin 49b), and Israel must spare the money of the Torah" (i.e. the money of the yeshiva).