"Mehadrin" Bus Lines

Q: What is Ha-Rav's opinion about "Mehadrin" bus lines where men and women sit in different sections?
A: It is a personal choice. "Mehadrin" buses where men and women are separate is obviously more modest. This is particularly true since sometimes women on the bus are not dressed modestly. Also buses are sometimes crowded, people are standing on one another, pushing against one another, etc. On the verse "And close your eyes from seeing evil" (Yeshayahu 33:15), the Gemara in Baba Batra (57b) discusses a man walking by the river where women do laundry. The women rolled up their shelves to their elbows and hiked up their skirts above their knees. It is therefore not modest. It is permissible to pass there? The Gemara says that if he could have chosen a different path, he is wicked. Why did you go there? Choose a more modest path. But if there is no other path, he is "anoos" (forced). He has no choice and he must exert himself not to look. Therefore, if there is the option of a separate bus, it is preferable. If it is not possible, however, it is permissible to ride on a regular bus just as it is permissible to walk in the street and one must exert effort not to look at immodest things.