The First Wedding

The marriage of Adam and Chava is the model for all of us. This is the blessing for the groom and bride under the chuppah: "Gladden the beloved friends as You gladdened Your creature in the Garden of Eden in the earlier times." And how do we know that they were happy? Because they were alone and there was no way to compare. The same should be with you: do not compare your spouse to others. S/he is in the only one in the world for you. Furthermore, without the sin, Adam and Chava would have lived forever. You are also married for eternity. When there are difficulties, do not even think about the possibility of separating, rather solve the problem. After all, do you know who matched you up? The same one who matched up Adam and Chava: The Master of the Universe. You are therefore certainly a good match. This means the Master of the Universe did a good job and don't try to change your spouse according to your character traits. You are good the way you are, and now build a shared existence together.