Someone who plays soccer on Shabbat serving as "sheliach tzibbur"

Q: There is someone who plays soccer on Shabbat on asphalt (not grass). Can he serve as the "sheliach tzibur" (the one who leads the davening) and read the Torah?
A: There are authorities who permit playing soccer on Shabbat on asphalt since the problem of playing on grass is filling in the holes, which is included in the forbidden labor of plowing. Some authorities say that it is forbidden to play soccer on asphalt so that people will not come to play on grass, but others say that there is no such overarching prohibition. This man therefore has authorities on whom to rely. While it may be acceptable for him to play soccer, a community should take a person of sterling character to serve as "sheliach tzibur." The major question is: what is the alternative? Thus, if this man's behavior is deviant, compared the rest of the community, it is not appropriate for him to serve as "sheliach tzibur," but if his behavior is more-or-less the norm in this regard, it is fine.