Shir Ha-Ma'alot #11

Please, make us not in need - Hashem, our God, of the gifts of human hands...

Do not live on the account of others. Do not spend money in an uncontrolled fashion, and afterwards search for "Gemachim" – societies to help the needy. Fix your expenses based on your income, and not the other way around. "The mind does not tolerate four types of people...a poor man who is arrogant" (Pesachim 113b), because he lives at a high standard beyond his means. Rav said to Rav Kahana, "Deal in carcasses in the market, and do not say, ‘I am a great man, I am Kahana’" (Pesachim 113a). "At all times one should hire himself out to ‘avodah zarah’ than be in need of the help of other people. He thought that ‘avodah zarah’ meant ‘idol worship’ [which is the usual meaning], but it is not so, it means [literally], ‘work which is strange to him’" (Baba Batra 110a). Do not take unemployment payments with the claim that they are offering you work that is beneath your honor. Working - this is honor. Even regarding Shabbat they say, "Treat your Shabbat like a weekday rather than be dependent of man" (Pesachim 112-113), i.e. eat simple food and do not take loans. Nevertheless, our Sages teach that the Holy One, Blessed be He, says, "My children, borrow for Me, and I will repay," but this is with the condition that he plans that he will have the money to repay the loan."