Our Rabbi & The Struggle Against Missionaries - Part 1

Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Ha-Cohain Kook
Our Rabbi waged war against the missionaries. He was a leader of the struggle and the headquarters was centered in his house. Everyone in the country knew that the most attentive ear was found with him, and he urged activity, obviously in conjunction with others.

A Christian missionary from Tiveria would come regularly, and our Rabbi would have him as a guest in his house. The students told him that they could not tolerate him, but our Rabbi sacrificed himself for this cause (by inviting him), because this missionary, out of friendship, would relate to him all of their information. Our Rabbi would pass this information on to "Chever Ha-Pe'ilim" (an organization to protect against missionaries), and as a result many people were saved.
A protest against the missionaries was organized by one of the prize students of the Yeshiva. The protest was illegal, and the protesters were arrested. The next morning our Rabbi's voice thundered against the organizer: "In my darkest dream, I never dreamed about violating the law." After the verdict, the students decided not to pay the fine and to be incarcerated. They were imprisoned in the Damon Jail on Mount Carmel. Our Rabbi went to visit them and upon entering the cafeteria – after everyone calmed down - he said: "One who sees houses of Israel in their inhabited state says: Blessed is the One who establishes the widow's boundary." He generally recited this blessing immediately upon arrival at a new community but when there was the possibility of "publicizing the miracle" [in a multitude of people] he delayed the blessing. This time, he said: “My visit to this place is not because of joyous circumstances, but we must remember that even a jail is an expression of the sovereignty of the Nation of Israel over its Land.” And he continued with the words of the Gemara in Berachot (58b): "One who sees houses of Israel in their inhabited state..." and recited the blessing with Hashem's Name and Kingship: "Blessed are you...who establishes the widow's boundary." (Gadol Shimushah p. 38 #1)