Hiring Arabs to build houses

Q: The settlement where I live recently voted to allow Arabs to build houses. What is the Rav's opinion?
A: If you are concerned about safety, there is no problem. The Arabs who have jobs working for Jews generally want to ensure that they retain their livelihood and usually keep others Arabs quiet as well. The issue is that instead of hiring Arabs, we should give money to Jews. If we provide a livelihood for the Arabs, they will have a holding in the Land of Israel. If they do not have a livelihood, they will leave. We want to strengthen ourselves. At the same time, some of the settlements will not be able to build without Arabs. They will not be able to expand for growing families or accommodate new residents. The only calculation is whether the mitzvah of settling the Land benefits or not. The general principle is that we should hire Jews, but if settling the Land is encouraged by hiring Arabs, it is permissible to do so.