Mazel Tov on your engagement! There are three levels of engagement (based on Hoshea 2:21-22):
1. I will betroth you to me – forever: You are not marrying on condition, but forever. All of the difficulties and conflicts do not undermine this connection. Even if a friend sins, he still remains a friend. This is an eternal connection.
2. I will betroth you to me – with kindness, justice, kindness and mercy: Good character traits, good relations. A simple and sincere friendship. Gentleness. "Love your fellow as yourself."
3. I will betroth you to me – with fidelity: Mutual trust. Mutual openness. Not contradictory worlds, exploitation and egotism but a true partnership and in-depth communication. Not the quantity of discussion but the quality. Shared experiences, shared thoughts, opinions and outlooks. Partnership in joy. Two who are one.