Shir Ha-Ma'alot #7

For the miracles - additions for Chanukah and Purim

"For the miracles...and for the wars which You performed for our forefathers." There are those who say that miracles are the opposite of wars. They reason that the ideal is to sit with folded arms, because "Hashem will wage war for you, and you shall remain silent" (Shemot 14:14). According to their opinion, if we wage war, this is a sign of a lack of faith in Hashem. We see, however, that the Hasmoneans, who were certainly of great faith, also waged war. And similarly during the time of Purim, "...the Jews throughout the King’s provinces gathered and defended themselves and gained relief from their enemies and slay those who hated them..." (Esther 9:16). We believe that the Master of the Universe does all and performs all, but this does not require that it be executed in a miraculous way beyond nature, since nature is also in the domain of God. The numerical value of the word "ha-teva - the nature" being equivalent to the word "Elohim – God" (86). Those wars during the time of Chanukah and Purim, were in fact performed by the Master of the Universe, "and for the wars which You performed for our forefathers," but He performed them through our hands and from within our midst. "I perform wars" (Avodah Zarah 2b) as it says, "Hashem is Master of War" (Shemot 15:3).