Our Rabbi & Yerushalayim

One of the students, who was present with our Rabbi at the liberation of the Temple Mount, asked: "What about sacrifices now?" Our Rabbi responded in a sharp and powerful manner: "Reb David Karlin said (Shut She’eilat David #1) do not hasten to build the Temple!"

The Temple
When asked about rebuilding the Temple, our Rabbi responded: "Israel was commanded regarding three mitzvot upon entering the Land: to appoint a king…to destroy the seed of Amalek…to build the Temple," and they are to be performed in this particular order (Rambam, Melachim 1:1-2). We must first build the State of Israel - the Kingdom of Israel - then defeat our enemies, and only then build the Temple. The Temple burns within you? Don't burn." (Rafael K.)

We Have Returned Home
Right after the liberation of Jerusalem, our Rabbi informed the entire world on the radio: "All Israel, the entire world and all of the nations of the world must know that we have returned home. And since we have returned home, know that no power in the world will move us from here. Every house has an entrance way and a main room. We first entered the entrance way and now we have reached the main room." (Iturei Yerushalayim #6)

It once happened that two writers from outside of Israel, a Jew and a non-Jew, were preparing a book and a film about Zionism in Jerusalem. They met with one of the students of our Rabbi, for many hours and were deeply impressed by him. The student brought them to our Rabbi. After two minutes they were excited by him, and they understood that there was something unique here. One of the writers said: "We are going home, and we will return with all of the necessary equipment to film a movie about the ‘settlements.’" After three months they returned to Israel and came straight to our Rabbi. Searching for a way to open the book and the movie, they asked our Rabbi: "We have a question and the book will begin with it: If you were given ten minutes, not a minute more, in order to explain your position to the President of the United States, what would you say, honored Rabbi?" Our Rabbi gave a lengthy smile, and said: "This is nine minutes too long. I would say only two words: Chazarnu Ha-baita - We have returned home!"