Learning Torah for the sick

Q: Is there something else I can do for a sick person along with praying?
A: Ha-Rav Chaim of Volozhin in his commentary on Pirkei Avot (1:1), "Ruach Chaim," relates that a woman once yelled at the Taz: "My master, my son is going to die!" The Taz responded to her: "Am I in place of G-d?" She said: "I am yelling at the Torah within you, since The Holy One Blessed Be He and the Torah are one." He said: "This is what I will do. I will give the Torah learning which I am engaged in now as a present to your son, and perhaps he will live in its merit, as it says (Devarim 32): 'You will lengthen [your] days through this thing (the Torah).'" At that moment, the child's fever dropped. We can therefore learn Torah for the recovery of the sick.