The Prayer for the State of Israel

Q: Is there are obligation to stand for the Prayer for the State of Israel after the Expulsion from Gush Katif?
A: There is clearly no source regarding this matter since it is a new prayer. One can stand or sit, it is unimportant. It does not strengthen the State if one stands and it does not weaken the State if one sits. Each place should act as it desires. It is obviously not connected to the Expulsion from Gush Katif. Even before the Expulsion, there were problems: violations of Shabbat, a problematic system of justice, etc… If the Government is acting inappropriately we should recite this prayer twice. If someone is sick, we pray for him. If he becomes sicker, we pray more. Maran (our revered teacher) Ha-Rav Kook wrote that our Nation is sick, but it will heal. Whether standing or sitting, what is important is that we pray for it to heal. Fortunate is the Nation who loves to argue in shul regarding proper practice instead of arguing over money, riches, glory, etc…