Our Rabbi & Yom Ha-Shoah - Part 2

In preparation for Yom Ha-Shoah, a Rabbi in a yeshiva for younger students brought a film to show the students which included pictures which were shot by the evil ones during the Holocaust. There were those who sharply criticized the use of this medium to influence the student through images. When our Rabbi was asked about this matter, he responded that one must deepen awareness of the Holocaust in every possible way. (Gadol Shimusha pg. 80)

Our Rabbi said that it would have been appropriate to lay Eichman down on the ground and to have all of Israel step on him and trample him.

He once told his students that he recites "Av Ha-Rachamim" on every Shabbat and even Shabbat Yom Tov, Shabbat Rosh Chodesh and Shabbat Mevarchim (when we bless the new month). The Rabbis established this prayer over the decrees of Tach ve-Tat (Chelminiski Massacres - 5408-5409), and although these decrees were horrible, they were like nothing compared to those of the Holocaust. And although they refrained from saying it on special Shabbatot, after the Holocaust, it is surely appropriate to recite it every Shabbat. As was his way, he did not force the students but rather said: "I recite it, and if this is your desire, act this way." And this is in fact how they acted from then on in our Rabbi’s minyan. He would recite "Av Ha-Rachamim" with great emotion, and many times tears could be seen in his eyes. (Sefer Tzvi Kodesh pp. 240-241)