Naming a girl "Hagar"

Q: Is it permissible to name a girl "Hagar"? Rabbis are divided on the issue. On the one hand, she was righteous and the wife of Avraham Avinu. On the other hand, she is the mother of Yishmael, our bitter and eternal enemy. How then can there have been a Cohain Gadol named "Yishmael"?
A: We do not name children after evil people (Yoma 38b). Tosafot therefore point out that a certain Rabbi in the Gemara is named "Avishalom" and not "Avshalom" (Tosafot to Yoma 38b and Ketubot 104b). Ashkenazim and Sefaradim therefore do not name their children "Avshalom" but Yemenite Jews are not concerned. They thus have many children with the name "Avshalom." They explain that the only important factor is the name itself and the name "Avshalom" (father of peace) is a beautiful name. Why should one evil individual with that name ruin it for everyone else. The name "Yishmael" (may G-d hear) is also a nice name and there were many Torah scholars with that name. The reason is that Yishmael repented (Baba Batra 16b and Rashi on Bereshit 25:9). The Zohar also says that Hagar repented and became righteous, and she married Avraham after Sarah's death (see Bereshit 25a and Rashi). Since Yishmael and Hagar repented, their names are no longer the names of evil individuals and it is permissible to use those names.