Hallel on Yom Ha-Atzmaut with a blessing

Q: Is it permissible to reciting Hallel on Yom Ha-Atzmaut with a blessing even though the Chief Rabbinate of Israel ruled that it should be recited without a blessing?
A: I heard with my own ears that the Chief Sefardic Rabbi of Israel, Ha-Rav Yitzchak Nissim, said that he once met with that a delegation from the Religious Kibbutzim. and they asked why the Chief Rabbinate ruled to recite Hallel without a blessing. He responded that in truth the Chief Rabbinate needed to do this in order to avoid increasing disputes amongst the Nation of Israel. It is better, he reasoned, that a majority recite Hallel without a blessing than a minority with a blessing; i.e. if we rule that Hallel should be recited with a blessing only a minority of the people will accept this ruling, whereas if we rule the opposite the majority will follow. The delegation then asked him: What about one who wants to recite it with a blessing? He responded: A blessing will come upon him. Ha-Rav Shlomo Goren also ruled that Hallel should be recited on this day with a blessing. Baruch Hashem – Blessed is Hashem, we therefore merit saying Hallel on Yom Ha-Atzmaut with a blessing.