Giving a little tzedakah to many or a lot of tzedakah to one person

Q: Is giving tzedakah to a large family considered giving tzedakah to many people?
A: It is written in Pirkei Avot (3:15): everything is according to the majority of one's actions. The Rambam explains there that it is preferable to give one shekel per person to ten people than give ten shekels to one person since every act refines a person's soul. This is all based on his performing many acts and this is not so if he gives money to ten people from the same family in one act. But one should also take something else into account: if I give a shekel to ten poor people, it is not much help since there is not much to buy with one shekels but if I give ten shekels to one person, it is worth something. Thus, from the perspective of the elevation of the giver, it is preferable to perform many smaller acts and from the perspective of the benefit of the recipient it is preferable to receive a larger one time sum. Therefore, giving to a large family is only considered one act.