Geniza and Recycling

Q: Because of the plethora of parashah sheets and photocopies from holy books, there is so much that must be put in the Genizah (a storage area for holy materials which may not be discarded). Wouldn't it be preferable to recycle them? If we do not, isn't it Bal Tashchit (wanton destruction)?
A: The solution of recycling is a problem since it is forbidden to erase holy works. There are some authorities who permit erasing such works in order to recycle them and to print other holy works. This is considered as erasing in order to write. But it is not certain that recycling paper is less expensive. One needs to remove all of the staples, which is a lot of work, then erase all of the ink and the erasing agent is then deposited in the earth which causes pollution and damage. Furthermore, when they create paper, it is not from regular forests but special forests planted for paper, so it is not Bal Tashchit. The Genizot are certainly packed and we need to find a way to bury them in a manner than does not take up a lot of space.