Bedikat and Biur Chametz for someone who will be away all Pesach

Q: If someone will be away for all of Pesach, does he perform Bedikat Chametz (checking for chametz)?
A: A person can include all of his chametz in the sale of chametz. If I sell the chametz in my closet, I do not need to search for chametz in the closet. In our case, the entire house or apartment is like a closet and he is exempt from cleaning it and checking it. There are some who say however that the obligation to check chametz is the night of the 14th of Nisan and the sale of chametz only takes place during the day of the 14th. As a result, the chametz is mine at the time of Bedikat Chametz. But the Rabbis did not obligate one to clean and search for something which will not be his in the end. But this is all with the condition that one is not lending his home to a friend who is eating at a neighbor's. And there is an additional problem: if one does not perform Bedikat Chametz, he loses out on a mitzvah. Therefore, if I arrive at the place I will spend Pesach on the night on the 14th, I check there with a blessing. If I will not, in order not to lose the mitzvah, I can clean one room in my house such as the entrance way – which is not difficult – and I check there without a blessing.