You are One Person

Question: My wife wants to travel to her parents after giving birth and have the Brit Milah there. But my family is opposed because of the far distant. My wife says that I need to support her, but what about me honoring my parents?
Answer: This question is not phrased correctly. You do not support your wife. You and your wife are one person, as the Torah says that you are "One flesh" (Bereshit 2:24). You must obviously respect your parents, but you were first a part of your parents and you are now a part of a new being which is made up of you and your wife. "A man therefore leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh" (ibid.). This is not an impingement on the honor of your parents. Honoring one's parents does not include the obligation to hold a Brit Milah where they want it. It is true that it is a burden for them to travel a far way for the Brit Milah, but may it be Hashem's will that all grandparents have many such burdens. Even though you are one being with your wife, your wife is the one who is giving birth and she needs to rest. It is certainly not easy for you to understand what it is like to be pregnant, give birth and care for a baby. You should therefore give in to your wife's in this area – after all, you are one.