A woman who does not want to immerse in a Mikveh

Q: What should a newly observant man do if his unobservant wife adamantly refuses to immerse in a mikveh? After all, he cannot even touch her if she does not immerse in the mikveh after her menstruation. Can he have marital relations since he is "anus" (in a situation beyond his control) or must he divorce her?
A: It is truly a tragedy that she will not immerse. However, he is not considered "anus," but he also does not have to divorce her. He needs to speak to her heart since all couples have issues on which one concedes to the other. He sometimes concedes to her and she sometimes concedes to him when something is extremely important to the other. He needs to say to her: I concede on certain things for you, please do so for me since this is extremely important to me. In such a situation, we should not to be strict with her on all of the stringencies in the laws of immersing in the mikveh; he has to be as lenient as the Halachah allows. If they do not succeed in solving this issue, they should go to a marriage counselor and we hope that he will succeed in bringing peace.