Shut SMS #12

Q: What is Ha-Rav's opinion regarding alternative medicine?
A: The majority is nonsense, the minority is true.
Q: If I forgot to recite "Asher Yatzar" after using the restroom and I used it a second time, do I recite the blessing twice?
A: No, one time.
Q: If I buy something, should I ask for a receipt or should I trust the seller that he is paying taxes?
A: It is proper to ask.
Q: A friend told me that she loves a guy, and someone suggested that I meet him for the purpose of marriage. If I agree, is it theft?
A: It is preferable that you first suggest your friend to the young man.
Q: Does Amalek exist in our time?
A: Yes, but they are unknown - in the halachic sense.
Q: What is the source for spitting when you see a priest?
A: There is no such law.
Q: Does a person being set up on a date for the purpose of marriage need to inform the other person that his parents are divorced?
A: No. This is unimportant. See Yevamot 45 with Kehillat Yaakov.
Q: What can I do to bring my wife closer to Torah?
A: You should ask her.
Q: Is there a particular order to cut one's nails?
A: One need not be particular. Arizal.
Q: It is true that if a woman drinks the wine from Havdalah, she will grow a beard?
A: It is nonsense, but they customarily do not do so. If there is no man, she obviously recites Havdalah and drinks.
Q: If I am sick with a contagious illness, should I refrain from davening with a minyan?
A: Ask a doctor for his opinion.
Q: Is it true that if one says Shir Ha-Shirim forty times for something, it will be answered?
A: No, it has the same value as any other mitzvah.
Q: Should I recite "Shehechiyanu" on the day I am drafted into Tzahal?
A: Yes, also for receiving your uniform.
Q: I prayed so much for something specific and it did not come about. Where did the prayer go?
A: It aided you in a different direction according to the Divine wisdom.
Q: If a Jew smokes does he commit a transgression?
A: If he disturbs others – it is definitely a transgression. If he does not disturb others and he smokes – he is endangering his life and violates "Safeguard your souls" (Devarim 4:15, 23:11).
Q: Is it a Jewish practice to propose marriage while down on one knee?
A: This is not a Jewish practice at all.
Q: Baruch Hashem, my wife is pregnant. But since she became pregnant, her life has been more difficult from every perspective. How should I relate to her?
A: You need to display much love and patience. This is your current worship of Hashem, and find ways of spiritual elevation while performing it. See Shemoneh Kevatzim vol. 1, 838.
Q: Is it permissible for a woman to show some of her hair?
A: Two fingers worth.