Remember Our Brother Jonathan Pollard

[from "Ma'ayanei Ha-Yeshua" – Parashat Tetzave 5769]

Our brother, Jonathan Pollard,
We are extremely distressed that we did not succeed in freeing you.
You are surely also extremely distressed. We are distressed for you.
We are distressed for the Nation of Israel. We are distressed for truth and justice.

But nothing has changed. We continue to fight for you.
The United States did not reject the request. It is still open.

Nothing has changed, it is just more difficult.
But this is our obligation, our eternal ethical obligation,
Our eternal national obligation and our eternal communal obligation.
Pollard is not just a person. He is also a banner and an ideal,
And we will struggle until we are victorious.
All of our efforts were not for naught.
We are grateful for all of the toil, all of the prayers and all of the phone calls.
The senior American officials support a pardon based on humanitarian reasons.
If so, why didn't we succeed? It has been clarified that we lacked one thing:
The support of the Israeli Government, a request from the Israeli Government.
The President therefore did not see why he should free him.

We are now working on various fronts:
We continue to pray for our brother who is in distress and captivity.
We talk about Jonathan at every opportunity to galvanize the Nation and the Government will follow the Nation. We demand that the Government definitively and clearly work for his release: by including his name among those in captivity and making an official request to the US that he is an Israeli citizen and was an Israeli spy.
The current Government contains many high-ranking officials who support his release.

Please turn to the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
His fax in the Knesset: 02-649-6659. His office in the Likud: 03-538-7165.
Please write to Jonathan with encouragement, support and love.
It is physically and emotionally difficult for him after he saw his freedom before his eyes.
Our letters give him oxygen.
When he sees that the Nation is with him, this is what gives him strength to hold fast.
Yes, we the Nation of Israel has not forgotten him.