Microphone for Havdalah

Q: I am a singer and I sometimes perform a musical Havdalah with a microphone and band. Someone pointed out that I cannot use the microphone for Havdalah. A few days ago, I was at an event with a Chasidic Rebbe and he used a microphone for the Sheva Berachot. Was the person correct that I cannot use the microphone?
A: According to the majority of authorities, a person cannot fulfill his obligation by hearing through a microphone, since he is obligated to hear the sound of a person's voice and not the sound of an instrument. As is known, sound waves enter the microphone and go through a process of electronic changes, etc… As a result, a person does not hear the person voice through the microphone and cannot fulfill his obligation. Regarding Sheva Berachot, there is no personal obligation to hear them. It is sufficient for ten men to hear them and even without a microphone this would occur and it is thus permissible for Sheva Berachot. But every person must hear Havdalah. The difference is whether there is a personal obligation or not. For example, it is forbidden to use a microphone for reading the Megillah since everyone has an obligation to hear it. You should therefore not use the microphone for Havdalah.