Establishing a yeshiva on Mt. Sinai

Q: I saw in the media that the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, suggested establishing a yeshiva on Mt. Sinai. I do not know if it was serious or not. What is Ha-Rav's opinion?
A: I did not hear this, but it is possible to establish a yeshiva anywhere. We obviously do not know where Mt. Sinai is located. They are many suggestions, but we do not know. Nonetheless, there is nothing holy about Mt. Sinai. And if Mt. Sinai is in the Sinai Desert, there are no Jews there and it is not under the control of the State of Israel. One needs to live within Eretz Yisrael and within the State of Israel. Before the establishment of the State of Israel, we lived everywhere in the Land of Israel. After the establishment of the State, we need to live within the State of Israel and it is forbidden to leave it. The proof is from King David who said (Shmuel 1 26:19): "they drove me away today from being connected to the inheritance of Hashem, saying: Go serve other gods." Our Sages explain in the Gemara in Ketubot (110b): Did anyone tell David to serve idolatry? Rather this teaches that anyone who lives outside of Israel is like one who serves idolatry. But King David did not leave Israel, he was in Gat. But it was not under the control of Israel and one should did leave it. We do not know where Mt. Sinai is but it is logical to assume that it is in the Sinai Desert. Sinai. If so, there is no need to leave Israel to establish yeshivot, we need to establish them here in Eretz Yisrael.