Canceling a date

Q: It is permissible for me to cancel a first date with a young man after I heard information which makes him inappropriate for me?
A: If you are not interested, there is no reason to meet. It is clear that there was an error in not checking thoroughly enough before the first meeting but just because there was one error does not mean that there needs to be a second error. Meeting with him when you are not interested will simply cause him distress and it is "ona'ah" (allowing someone to believe something which is not true and will cause distress). It is similar to a person entering a store when he has no intention of buying. If he is unsure and he is looking around, it is permissible, as there is no obligation to buy. But if he knows that he is not going to buy, it is forbidden to enter since the seller will have his hopes raised and then it will cause him distress when you do not buy. This applies all the more so here when the young man might be interested and he will have hopes, and he will be hurt when you tell him "no." Therefore, it is permissible to cancel the meeting. But you need to put the blame on yourself. Do you say that you do not want to meet because you checked and found something that you do not like. He will be hurt. You should rather say: I am sorry. I thought I could meet but I am currently in a sensitive state which is not good for meeting or some responsibility suddenly came up at home or at work. You take the blame and ask his forgiveness that you are canceling the meeting so that he will not be hurt. And we pray that he will find someone and you will find someone and you will each build a faithful house among the Jewish People.