Bat Mitzvah

Q: My wife wants to have an event for women only, and I want to have an event for the whole family. What is Ha-Rav's opinion?
A: There are no general principles for a Bat Mitzvah, just as there are also no general principles for a Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah boy is called to the Torah nowadays, but not in the past. After the davening, they would give out some schnapps and cakes. They now have big affairs. We are not against such things, but we need to know that it is not obligatory. It is therefore a personal decision to have women only or to have men as well. If you have it with men it must obviously be modest. In any event, this is the Bat Mitzvah girl's celebration and it needs to be what she wants and not what we want. It needs to be something that she enjoys and something that brings her the most spiritual benefit.