Baal Teshuvah and a Kippah

Q: How should a "Baal Teshuvah" (a newly-repentant Jew) begin to wear a kipah? I have a lot of non-observant friends and I fear that they will make fun of me.
A: There are four approaches: 1. The In-Stages Approach – to occasionally wear a kippah: for 15 minutes a day, then a half an hour, an hour, etc… By beginning slowly, you will become accustomed to wearing it as will your friends. 2. The Attack Approach – to start wearing the kippah. If someone asks you about it, you can say: "I changed direction." 3. The Hidden Approach – Don't wear a kippah, wear a hat. 4. The Explanatory Approach – These are your friends. Say: "My friends, I have changed direction. I have become religious and I am wearing a kippah, but we will remain friends. I am not eradicating our world of values and there are many ideals which we share. I found my way and if you are interested, I will explain how this happened to me." Which course to choose is a personal decision.