Shehechiyanu on voting for the first time in Israel

Question: I have heard Ha-Rav tell the story that the Chazon Ish was asked: Should one vote in the Israeli elections? He answered: It is a mitzvah. They asked him: A mitzvah like matzah? He said: No, a mitzvah like maror. And Ha-Rav says that it is indeed a mitzvah like matzah since we have independence and our own State. Is it a mitzvah to the extent that someone who votes for the first time in Israeli should recite a Shehechiyanu (since Maran Ha-Rav Kook ruled that one should recite Shehechiyanu the first time he performs a mitzvah – Shut Orach Mishpat, pp. 268-269 and see Sefer Chayei Ha-Re’eiyah pp. 117-119, Sefer Moadim Ha-Re’eiyah pp. 215-217 and Likutei Ha-Re’eiyah vol. 2, p. 140)?
Answer: One should not recite Shehechiyanu for two reasons: 1. We do not recite a blessing on an act which is a quasi-mitzvah. The State of Israel is not the fulfillment of establishing the Kingdom of Israel, but rather a quasi-Kingdom of Israel, as stated by Maran Ha-Rav Kook in Shut Mishpat Cohain (p. 338). 2. No one performs the entire mitzvah by voting but only a part of the mitzvah which is similar to building the Temple.