Organ Donation to Arabs in Israel

Q: It is well-known that Ha-Rav supports organ donation. I feel uncomfortable with the idea that my organs may go to an Arab. Is there a problem with the organs being donated to an Arab?
A: You are correct that according to the procedures used in organ donation, a person cannot make a condition that his organs go to Jews and not non-Jews. There are two answers to your question: 1. In a best case scenario, a person can donate seven organs and it is possible that one would go to an Arab. This is like a tax: in order for six organs to save Jews, you also give one to an Arab. 2. The pool of organs donor is all encompassing. This means that non-Jews donate to us, including non-Jews from other countries. As a result, when I donate to an American in America, Jews will always receive organs, since we are in the pool and they will donate to us. There are countries who say: If you do not donate to us, we will not donate to you. Currently in Israel, the Arabs donate to us. They donate a lot. The two largest groups of donors in Israel are the Jews who made aliyah from Russia, apparently because they do not have extraneous mystical outlooks such as what will be with the body at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead, etc… and the Arabs for reasons which I do not know. If we say that we will not donate to the Arabs, they will say tomorrow that they will not donate to us. Therefore, when I donate to Arabs, in the end, I donate to Jews.
Q: This is an intellectual answer, but what about the emotion. What would Ha-Rav say regarding the fact that I am uncomfortable to give to an Arab?
A: It is the same answer but it must be said with emotion. Look, I remember a young man who died and he donated his organs and there was a woman who received his kidneys. The doctors told his parents: if he had not donated she would have died and he saved her at the last moment. What a miracle! One of his organs also went to a non-Jew and people ridiculed him but the parents were happy that he saved a Jewish woman. This is a true story. This is the same answer but with feeling. We can also say – don’t you care about Jewish lives?! Don't you know that a 1000 Jews are waiting for a transplant and they will die without it. Put yourself in their place or it's your sister or daughter, and someone does not want to give because an Arab will receive too. Same answer with feeling!