I Don't Feel Anything toward Her

Question: I have met with a woman for the purpose of getting married, and she seems like a good match: she has good character traits, but I do not feel anything towards her. I have met other woman for this same purpose and have felt something. What should I do?
Answer: Theoretically, a lack of feeling is not a problem. The feeling of love will appear later. We must understand that the feeling of love before marriage and the feeling of love after marriage are different types. In fact, the Torah relates that Yitzchak loved Rivka only after marriage. But in reality, we do not act this way, as we are not angels and this is a dangerous risk. After all, even when there is love between a couple, difficulties arise. The desire to live together as husband and wife is therefore essential, and it greatly aids in creating upright offspring. We therefore do not take this risk. The essence is not to exaggerate and demand a burning love at every single moment, but there is a need to have a desire to build a life together. On this foundation, it is possible to beginning to build a deep connection together.