Downloading from the internet

Q: Is it permissible to download things from the internet for free when they are sold?
A: It is forbidden because of copyright laws. This is a decree of our Sages. A person who invests time and money to create something – a book, a program, a game, a song, etc… - it is his. He sells it to you but he still maintains ownership and you are not allowed to do whatever you want with it. Therefore, it is forbidden to copy it. In order for it to be permissible to copy, there are two conditions which must be met: it is permissible according to Halachah and it is permissible according to the law. In these matters, what the law prohibits is also prohibited by the Halachah whether in Israel or outside of Israel. In order for it to be permissible according to the Halachah, it has to be that the person would not buy it in any event: he does not have money, it does not interest him enough, etc… If this is so, if he copies it, the creator does not lose money – he would not have bought it anyway. These are obviously things which are within a person's heart. They also must be used only for personal use and not commercial use. According to the law as it now stands in Israel, it is forbidden to copy any electronic products. It is thus prohibited to download from the internet whether you would have bought it or not. You have to buy it. After all, this is the reason it is there.