Book Dedication Opportunities

Within the next year, Rav Aviner is set to publish many works in Hebrew on various topics.
You can be a partner in these projects by dedicating a book or part of a book in memory or in honor of someone (and payment can be made over time). Please be in touch with Rav Aviner or me if you are interested. Here is a list of the books:
1. Shut She'eilat Shlomo vol. 4 –
Q&A on subjects spanning all areas of Halachah
2. Commentary on the Siddur
This is the first of three volumes
3. Shemirat Ha-Lashon (Guarding One's Tongue)
Articles on permissible and forbidden speech
4. Musar Avicha
Commentary on Rav Kook's work
5. Tanchumim (Words of Comfort)
Short work on mourning and difficult times
6. Limrot Ha-Kol (Despite Everything)
Collection of children's stories with teaching points