The Beginning is Not the Deciding Factor

It does not matter how your marriage began: on the right foot, on the left foot or on both feet – what matters is how it progresses and how much you invest in it. Look at the different ways in which our foremothers were married: Sarah was Avraham's niece and ten years younger than him. They grew up together and completely knew each other before marrying. Rivka and Yitzchak were completed matched up. Eliezer received the authority to find a wife for Yitzchak based on his intellectual analysis. When Rivka saw Yitzchak for the first time, she was already his wife. Leah entered Yaakov's life without asking his opinion, similar to a forced marriage. And Rachel was love at first sight. But in marriage, the first sight is not the deciding factor, but the second, third and every daily sight. The advantage of the starting point can be wasted over nothing. And even someone who begins a race well-behind the starting line can catch up quickly if he exerts great effort. The deciding factor is not where you came from, but how you progress. This is true in many things in the world, and especially in marriage.