Soul Letters

Every Jew is compared to a letter in the Torah, and when two people marry, two letters join together to become one word. One word is much greater than two letters, as it has content and meaning, which is not the case with an individual letter. It is not good to be alone, and one does not always have a reason to get up in the morning. While every letter is special, and every Jew is special, since the world was created for him, this is on condition that he knows that he should join with a loving soul and then also join with beloved offspring. The word continues to add letters and grows. But this does not mean that one should intrude too much into another's life. In a Torah scroll, it is forbidden for two letters to touch one another. Each letter must be surrounded by the parchment ("mukefet gevil"). Every soul needs air to breathe. One soul should not force itself on another, but respect its differences and then they will join together and created a new, shared reality.