Shut SMS #6

Q: I received a Shabbat challah cover with Hashem's Name (Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey) on it. Is it permissible to use it?
A: Yes, in a respectful manner. And wash it gently on its own by hand.
Q: Many bad things have recently happened to me and my wife: our baby is sick, we were both fired from our jobs and we fight a lot. As a result, our faith is weakening. How can we improve ourselves?
A: The essence is that you should be good friends. You will then have the strength to overcome anything.
Q: I have been observant for two years and I have been dating a man who has been observant for four years, and we are discussing getting married. My parents say that I need more time, and it is also often difficult for me to make decisions. I know that are they right, but I also know that a future with him looks good. How do I take into consideration what my family is saying without destroying what I have with him?
A: Four months is enough time. If you have doubts, go to a marriage counselor who is objective and he will help.
Q: Why does the younger child have a preference in the Tanach? For example, Kayin and Hevel, Yishmael and Yitzchak, Esav and Yaakov, Leah and Rachel, Menashe and Ephraim, David and his brothers, etc…
A: One needs to acquire preference through his efforts.
Q: Is it permissible occasionally or always to daven alone if I have greater concentration doing so?
A: You should always daven with a minyan. The advantage of davening with a minyan is greater than all other advantages.
Q: If someone break one of my things and I bought it for a certain price but it now costs more, how much does he have to pay?
A: It is a dispute. According to the Rambam – the price at the time of the damage, and according to the Raavad - the price at which it was bought.
Q: I sometimes see religious people who desecrate Hashem's name in public with their behavior, such as at the supermarket, on buses, etc… Can I point it out to them?
A: You should first gently ask them if they are interested in listening.
Q: Is it permissible to be a lawyer?
A: Yes. This is one way to help the downtrodden. Everything must obviously be done with uprightness and truth.
Q: If I see a cat attacking a bird, should I stop it?
A: You can but there is no obligation, it is the nature of the world.