Shut SMS #2

Q: Is it permissible to travel outside of Israel in order to learn English?
A: If it is essential for making a living.
Q: Is it permissible to speak Lashon Hara about Herzl?
A: He is a Divine messenger who helped awaken the idea of our national revival.
Q: Must a page of gemara questions for a test be put in the "geniza"?
A: Yes, questions are also words of Torah.
Q: Is it permissible for a non-Jew to put on Tefillin?
A: No, because of its holiness. Radvaz, Hilchot Melachim.
Q: Is it permissible for one person to recite Tefillat Ha-Derech or should each person recite it on his own?
A: It is permissible, but it is preferable for each person to recite it as it is a supplication.
Q: What is the smallest size for a kippah?
A: The strict position – it must cover the majority of the head. The lenient position – it can be seen from all sides.
Q: How do we know if an impediment to doing something is a sign from heaven that we should not do it or whether we should persist?
A: If it is a forbidden act or an act of nonsense, you should give it up. If it is a mitzvah or an important act – persist.
Q: We had a bad car accident and were saved by a miracle. How should we thank Hashem?
A: Recite the "Birkat Ha-Gomel" and give tzedakah.
Q: I remembered very late at night that I forgot to daven ma'ariv. What should I do – it will be a burden to daven now and what value is it?
A: You should certainly daven. It has a great value of accepting the yoke of the heavenly kingdom.
Q: I have a friend who is a chronic liar. How should I relate to him?
A: A person is judged by the majority of his actions. Perhaps he has good qualities.
Q: Should we speak Yiddish?
A: Our language is Hebrew. We should not speak Yiddish unless a person does not understand Hebrew.
Q: I spoke "Lashon Ha-Ra" for the benefit of another person and it was completely permissible. The person then related it in a forbidden manner. Am I at fault?
A: No, it is his responsibility. In such a case, you should warn the person that he should not relate it in a forbidden manner.
Q: Can a mother kiss her son after he is bar mitzvah?
A: It is permissible at any age, even after he is married.
Q: Does a BBQ grill top require immersion in a mikveh?
A: Yes, if it is a product made outside of Israel since it comes into direct contact with the food. This does not apply if it is disposable.
Q: What is the law if I accidently recited "birkat ha-mazon" on a cake or "al ha-mechiya" on bread?
A: After the fact you have fulfilled your obligation because of a doubt.
Q: We found a poisonous lizard in our house. Does it mean anything?
A: It has no meaning. See Chochmat Adam 68:1.