Satmar Chasidim and Neturei Karta

Q: How should we relate to Satmar Chasidim and Neturei Karta who pray for the downfall of Israel when we are at war?
A: First of all, it is not certain that it is all Satmar Chasidim and all Neturei Karta. We need to be very careful about making generalizations, which is something which Anti-Semites do. I am sure that there are many Satmar Chasidim who do not think this way and many Neturei Karta who do not think this way. And if you ask them, they will respond that those who act this way are "meshugena – crazy" and they do not represent anyone. Regarding those who do pray for the downfall of Israel, who protest against Israel and who meet with the President of Iran, they are "meshugena." They are confused. In the language of Halachah, they are "Tinokot She-nishbu" (literally Jewish children captured and raise among non-Jews). The Rambam explains in Hilchot Mamrim (3:3) that a "tinok she-nishba" is a Jew who did not receive a proper Jewish upbringing and education. Even though he sees other people acting differently, he is captive to his education. I do not understand how someone can be so confused but people are sometimes filled with distorted views. He lives in a closed society and everyone sustains one other. As a result, it is a situation in which one cannot liberate himself. They are truly confused. We therefore need to pray that Hashem illuminates their eyes and they repent.