Questions from a Nurse

A nurse on Shabbat
Q: Can a religious nurse switch swifts with a non-religious nurse on Shabbat?
A: Yes. It is permissible for a nurse to work on Shabbat because of "pikuach nefesh" (potentially life-threatening situations). If a non-religious nurse is not working – to our distress – she will violate Shabbat. If she is working in the hospital, almost all of the Shabbat violation will be permissible and a mitzvah. As a result, you will save her and limit her Shabbat violation.

Reciting Bedtime Shema when not sleeping
Q: Should a nurse who is not sleeping the entire night recite the bedtime Shema?
A: You do not recite it if you are not going to sleep.

"Vidui" (confession for a deceased person)
Q: If a nurse finds a patient who is deceased, should she recite the "Vidui"?
A: No, the "Vidui" is only to be said by or for the living. The "Vidui" is a form of repentance and a deceased person cannot repent.