Punishing children

Q: Is it permissible to punish a six year old by not allowing him to learn Torah with his father?
A: We cannot educate our children through punishment. They do not understand what we want from them. A child often acts up because he cannot overcome his emotions, and not because he is a bad kid. When we punish him, he does not understand and loses faith in his parents. One certainly needs to educate, but one should be very careful about punishing children. We need to emphasize the positives and limit the negatives. When a person buys a cow, there are two ways to move it: by hitting it in the back or by calling to it. The same is true for children: you can push them forward with punishments or encourage them with love. This is in general. In your case, learning Torah is a mitzvah and we must increase it as much as possible. On the contrary, if he is not acting properly, in order to fix it and have him repent, he needs to learn more Torah.