The obligation of "Sheva Berachot"

Q: Is there an obligation to make "Sheva Berachot"?
A: There is no mitzvah to make "Sheva Berachot." "The purpose of the "Sheva Berachot" is to bring joy to the groom and bride and there is no obligation to make "Sheva Berachot" at every meal and twice a day. Sometimes a couple wants to have one "Sheva Berachot" with family, another with the groom's friends, another with the bride's friends, etc… In earlier times, as written by the Chatam Sofer in his responsa (Even Ha-Ezer #123) people would only make one "Sheva Berachot" at the wedding meal. A groom once had "Sheva Berachot" on Shabbat and everyone mocked him. In other words, there is no obligation to organize "Sheva Berachot" rather if there are ten men who gather together to bring joy to a groom and bride then they say "Sheva Berachot." The deciding principle is how to bring joy to the bride and groom.