Night-time Shema and chatting

Q: Should I say the Night-time Shema and then talk or talk and risk falling asleep without reciting it?
A: The ideal is obviously to chat and then say the Night-time Shema, but if there is a risk that you will forget it, it is preferable to recite it and then talk. There is one opinion – the book "Seder Ha-Yom" – that the blessing of the Night-Time Shema is a blessing over a benefit (Birchat Nehenin). With such blessings, such as eating an apple: one first says the blessing and then immediately eats, and if he does not immediately eat, it is considered an interruption. The same applies here if that one says the Nighttime Shema and does not immediately go to sleep then it is an interruption. But the rest of the halachic authorities say that it is not a blessing over a benefit but a blessing of praise (Birchat Shevach). This means that we thank Hashem for creating sleep. If this is so, speaking after the Night-time Shema is not an interruption after the fact. Therefore, if there is a concern that you will forget it, you should recite the Shema and then chat.