Mention on Hirhurim Blog

Our blog is mentioned on the excellent blog "Hirhurim"

Rav Aviner's Q&A on what a person should do if he hears a warning siren for an incoming missile and he is in the middle of the Shemoneh Esrei is briefly discussed there.

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An interesting story is posted in the comments there by the blogger Jameel @ The Muqata -
This reminds me of a Shayla posed to Rav Mordechai Eliyahu 10 years ago. A soldier asked: I'm in an IDF outpost in South Lebanon, and I have a question for the Rav. It says in the Gemara that one should not sleep with their shoes on, because one will wake up "with a taste of death" if they do. However, I need to run to bomb shelters in the middle of the night, and need to react quickly if there are terrorist around -- and my commander says I should wear my Army Shoes. What should I do? Rav Eliyahu answered: Better the taste of death, than death itself. Sleep with your shoes on, come home safely.