Q: Is this week's rainfall enough for us to cease praying for rain? How do we know when to stop? For which sins are we punished with a lack of rain?
A: The Chief Rabbinate of Israel decides when we begin to pray for rain and when we should stop. Baruch Hashem, this is not the situation mentioned in the Mishnah when there is not even water to drink. We have water to drink. This is a problem for agriculture which is also important since they supply the food, but it is not the problem it once was. Therefore, there is no need to say that we are being punished. In the world in general, the sources of water are diminishing and relative to the whole world, the State of Israel is doing quite well. As a result, the question is not for which sins are which being punished, but for which merits are the Nation of Israel being rewarded with living in the Land of Israel which is a Garden of Eden. This is not necessarily a reward, but a loving-kindness of Hashem. Within this our wonderful existence, there are some things lacking, but on the whole things are amazing. May we merit this kindness through repentance, Torah learning and mitzvah observance.