Does every bullet have an address?

Q&A from Ha-Rav's video blog

Q: During a war, there are many bullet fired and missiles and mortars shot. Is there Divine Providence who is killed, injured or saved or is it all luck?
A: It is certainly true that not only is there Divine Providence for the entire world, there is also Divine Providence for each individual, for each thing which occurs down to the smallest detail. We obviously do not know the calculations of Hashem but there is Divine Providence in life and all the more so in when a person will die as is written in the Gemara in Yevamot (50a). This does not mean, however, that a person can take risks and say: "If Hashem decreed that I will live then I will live and I do not need to be careful." This is not so. The book "Mesilat Yesharim" (chap. 9) says that a person who sins will be punished and if he takes risks and transgresses the mitzvah of "And you shall safeguard your soul," it is possible that the punishment will be a shortening on his life. A person must therefore always be cautious but it is possible that he could be injured or killed whether he is cautious or not but if he is cautious he fulfills a mitzvah and if he is not cautious he commits a severe transgression. While there is Divine Providence, a person must also pray and the prayer may change the Divine decision. It is similar to a king who says that a person who sins will receive a punishment, but if he asks for forgiveness he will not be punished. The same here: it is possible that Hashem says that if a person prays it will be one way and if he does not pray it will be another way. A man therefore should not fret about Divine Providence and he should act properly. May Hashem protect our Nation and the cities of our G-d.