Commentary on the Writings of Rav Kook

A Letter from Rav Aviner

Commentary on the Writings of Rav Kook

Since the time that Rav Kook wrote his works, approximately one hundred years ago, they have been sealed books for the majority of the Nation of Israel – aside from those who merited learning from his students or from his students' students. We have therefore begun to write a Hebrew commentary on his works which is appropriate for every person.

The commentary contains three parts:
1. A concise and simple commentary interwoven within the text itself in an easily readable format.
2. Comments on the bottom of the page which include explanations and sources.
3. Longer appendixes at the end of the book for boarder understanding.

Through the kindness of Hashem, two Hebrew volumes have already been published:
1. Orot – The Land of Israel and War
2. Orot – Israel and its Revival

We are currently ready to publish two further volumes:
Orot – The Lights of Revival, part 1 and part 2

In order to process we need donations (publication costs are approximately 50,000 shekels for the two volumes) and dedication and memorial pages will of course be included in the publication.

Shlomo Aviner
(Those who are interested may contact me or Rabbi Mordechai Friedfertig)