A child who hits

Q: What should we do with our son who hits everybody?
A: There are various tactics: 1. Do not let him do it. You need to prevent him by gently taking his arm and explaining that we do not hit – without insulting him. 2. It is possible that he hits for many reasons. It is possible that he is bored and he is looking for activities which possess elements of alacrity and danger – he hits, runs, hits, runs, etc… If this is the case, you have to find activities which will allow him to release his excess energy: get boxes and let me break them with a hammer, give him a bath and let his spritz water all around, bring him on little trips. Or perhaps he is distressed. Why? I do not know – he has an older brother or a younger brother, there are tensions at home, etc… and this is how he releases his stress. It is also possible that he feels neglected and is in competition with his siblings. If this is the case, you need to give him attention. Either the father or mother should give him their undivided attention for 15 minutes a day. There are many possible reasons and it is hard to judge from afar. 3. I recommend to all parents to buy ten books for child-rearing at a young age – it does not matter which, they are all good but not all are complete, so they will complement one another. If you read these ten books, you will have a good picture of what to do.