Stories of Rabbenu - Our Rabbi

Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Ha-Cohain Kook

Birchat Ha-Mazon
Our Rabbi did not recite "Al Naharot Bavel" (By the Rivers of Babylon – Tehillim 137 – usually recited on weekdays) before the blessing after eating, but "Shir Ha-Ma'alot" (A Song of Ascents – Tehillim 126 – usually recited on holidays and happy occasions) at every meal since the Nation of Israel is returning to its Land.

Goy shel Shabbat
Our Rabbi said that we should not be embarrassed about the leniency of the "Goy shel Shabbat" (using a non-Jew in specific situations on Shabbat), and in general we should not question the leniencies of our Sages of the Gemara.

Chanukah Jerusalem Holiday
Our Rabbi once said to the yeshiva students on Chanukah that one must remember that the holiday of Chanukah is a Jerusalem holiday (Gadol Shimusha p. 120).

Maoz Tzur
When Our Rabbi would sing Maoz Tzur, he would cry during the sad stanzas and would be full of excitement during the joyous stanzas. (Ha-Rav Yehoshua Wiezman)

Our Rabbi would light his Chanukiyah inside. (Ha-Rav Aviner)